Life is Sweet


Breathe in, and breath out with me!  Let's start today by being grateful for just being.  It's amazing how we take the little things in life for granted!  In a fast-paced world, it's important to slow down sometimes.  I realized this more than ever after leaving work as a geriatric nurse the importance of life, and further more the importance of change.  Sometimes its hard to adapt but it is inevitable!  As my resident lay helpless gasping for her last moments of air I stood in awe and marveled in God's greatness, this couldn't be the end I thought and felt it deep in my soul.  
 Life is worth more than Gucci!  I find this image funny because we tend to place so much importance on the name brand and outer appearance of things, not valuing the inner core substance.  Do you not see how individuality is not achievable as society is producing a set of clones?  Look at the way woman dress, and how plastic surgery is altering our shapes to fit one standard mold.  Look at life, where do you fit? You are unique, dare to be you!  


It took me a while to realize this as a naive twenty-year-old who focused on staying current wanting all the latest Louie, and Versace.  Even after obtaining the items I once sought after, they did not make me happy, my inner soul craved much more.  My world was tormented and possessed by the things that I saw, not realizing that I would succumb to the day of living with no breath and these things would not be able to join me. In life, I have held on so closely and tightly to things that hold no value.  I am here asking you today to do some self-reflecting, do you hold on to broken memories, old clothing, or have grudges against past lovers and friends? I have been there once and believe you me, let it go because you are blocking your blessings and hindering your ability to blooming into who you are truly destined to be. The moment I finally let it all go Gods love began to really show in my life and the blessings began to flow.  I have learned to embrace every moment of life and to be present!   
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I had this image posted on my vision board, the first one I ever created at that and look what it has manifested into!  I am a writer, an artist, a lover of interior decor and interior influence.  I am not here to share my personal story which has many more chapters to go, but I am here to share with you a sense of awareness that life is indeed sweet.  We just need to take the time to focus and realize this.  Say it with me, Life is Sweet.  No matter where you are at you will not remain here, so happy or in turmoil, learn to appreciate it all!  Use your lemons wisely and seize the day.  
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