Nourishing You

Dear Diary, 
It's been a week since I have been baptized and I feel great but I am also being tested now more than ever.  I am starting to understand the importance of taking aside time to learn Gods work.  I have been doing my devotions daily, and have been allotting time for prayer out of my day.  this week I will do a fast to affirm my love and devotion to God.  I have realized that we often will be tested, but these tests are not to improve our relationship with God but to optimally improve our relationship with ourselves.  
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Tests and challenges we may face on a day to day basis, whether at work or home we will face situations where we may want to react out of anger.  These tests will continue to strengthen our character once we learn to cope with them and learn from them.  An area that I am struggling with is Patience, especially with my girls.  Sometimes I want things a peculiar way and feel like I am constantly emphasizing this to the girls with no response in return.  It often gets frustrating but I have learned that it's not worth the argument, or even waste of energy that.  
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This week my prayer group implemented a week-long challenge entitled, "Walk of Love" where we are focusing on not having any strife and being positive in order to have a healthier life.  It's been challenging already, but no matter the obstacles I will not give up.  I will persevere and continue to focus on God's goodness and his glory.  I encourage you to take this week-long challenge with me today!  Please let me know via comments box, or on IG just drop me a DM so we can all encourage each other! Don't succumb to the evil thoughts, and feelings the devil is placing in your path.  Learn to focus on God's Glory and his merciful goodness, we are a family in this together!  No weapon formed against us shall prosper!  
Seize the Day,