Dear Diary, 
Being Nubian Queen, I often wonder why women in our race all so powerful.  I think about my future husband and my expectations.  Am I expecting too much?  I think and dream of better days when I will be equally yoked with a man who will be able to help me when I am weak and love me unconditionally.  I find that men in my race sometimes have difficulty assuming the male role.  I finally stumbled on some information by a preacher named Matthew Stevenson that shed some much-needed light on my deepest thoughts and tired understanding of Nubian Kings within our world.   
I find that even for my friends, married or even in relationships all of these women still tend to be viewed at times as single mothers.  I love them to death as they are hard-working, intelligent, powerful resilient woman but find that the men in their lives with or without cheating tend to play a part-time role within the home.  I finally have realized by the insightfulness that Dr.Stevenson shed on our generation of Nubian Kings mainly within the Carribean Culture that it holds no importance of boys becoming men.  Carribean men often drift into manhood often showing no signs of maturity.  When you compare our culture to other cultures, we are the only culture that shows no value on our boys entering manhood, I will elaborate. 


Jewish Tradition

Image result for drake bar mitzvah
The Jewish men undergo something called a Bar Mitzvah ... A Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish coming to age ritual that takes place for males when they turn the age of 13.  In the picture above is Aubrey Drake celebrating his Bar Mitzvah.  They celebrate this time so then men realize they are accountable for their actions.  Prior to this event, the parents are accountable for this child's actions, now the child has to assume responsibility for his choices.  They are also able to lead in community services, they have the right to possess personal property, and also the right to be married.


Australian Aborigines

Kimberly Aboriginal History "Kimberley Tribesmen": Copyright 'The History of the North West of Australia', Edited by JAS. S. Battye, 1915. #HCFpost
In the Australian Aborigines culture, they use circumcision as a right of passage for manhood.  They will until the male is about 15 or 16 years old and they are circumcised by a number of tribesmen.  It is a several hour ritual that takes place in a secluded area including cultural chanting.  The boy it to show no signs of pain during this ritual, and yes no anesthetic.   


Satere-Mawe Bullet Ant Glove male rite of passage

Inside the deepest part of the Brazillian Amazon, the tribe of Satere-Mawe resides.  In this culture, the ritual for boys to become men originates with something called  Bullet Glove Sting.  The boy is instructed to place his hand in a glove where bullet ants are inside it!  The boy must keep his hand in the glove for ten minutes and endure the painful stinging of the ants, without showing any signs of pain!  Bullet ants are known to be one of the most painful stings one can receive as it releases a vase amount of venom that will temporarily paralyze his arm and leave him shaking uncontrollably for days.

 ..MY VIEWS ...

I can continue to go on for days about the different traditions and various cultures that uphold the importance shown to boys hold becoming men.  So ladies, don't be discouraged when you meet men from the Caribean culture who may look like a man but acts like a boy (men-boys).  This seems to be apart of the Caribean culture where our men-boys are emotionally and mentally immature.  
This allowed me to come to a greater understanding when realizing how different our culture is when it comes to rearing men.  There are no traditional process or significant importance, which hinders our culture and generations of families as a whole.  Not all Caribean men are like this but as a whole, I feel a lot of them are unstable with their roles, and identities as male.  
This pattern of unstable men creates a generation and future of problems and I feel it needs to be addressed.  By having some sort of right of passage that would be implemented from fathers to their sons this would change the attitude in the Caribean culture immesnsly.  A lot of men are not reaching their fullest potential as they lack the self-esteem and confidence to go out and be great!   
Our youth would embrace a sense of purpose, it's impossible for a mother to teach a boy how to be a man.  It's really sad,  mothers can give a boy the fundamentals of being a good man but not everything they need and fathers tend to sit by playing a secondary role.  The father's these days lack the fundamental experience and don't even possess the right knowledge themselves.
 It's sad, how will we ever get out of this spiral?  A lot of prayer I believe and divine intervention.  These are a few of my thoughts, I don't mean to offend anyone but this is my view.  Feel free to comment an let me know what you feel, I am open to discussion loves!   
“Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant.”  – Epictetus