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Hey winners, 
On my personal journey for growth and maturation and have spent endless hours reading and learning ways on how to increase positive vibrations and energy.   The amount of content was endless, so I have taken the liberty to summarize a few things I have learned and implemented in my daily living.  This blog, I will be introducing you to three simple things daily to a well-balanced life.  
1. Establish GRATITUDE
Upon waking when your feet FIRST TOUCH the ground, establish gratitude!  
As your left foot lands say 
As your right foot lands say 
GOAL: Set the vibration/intention of gratitude. Just waking up in self is a blessing and there is a powerful force emitted from your body when the soles of your feet touch the ground. 
Concentrate on your vision board as you recite your daily affirmation at the start of your day.  There is POWER IN WORDS, BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!  If your affirmation is long and you may not have time to say it all, while concentrating on your vision board simply say, "Today is gonna be a great day."  
GOAL: Setting the intention of positive energy/attractions at the beginning of your day is like welcoming of all good things.  It's life... things happen, we may wake up late, as parents deal with tantrums, be late on assignments, you get the drift. Point being is that things don't always go as planned.  Just learn your exactly where you need to be in the universe at all times...and expect the best out of your day.  You get what you attract! 
Take care of that precious temple (aka your body); give it a nice good stretch.  After all that wonderful rest, it surely deserves a nice stretch to embrace the positive vibrations and consistent moving energy both internally and externally we may harbor.  Ideally stretching, touching your toes, and reaching the heavens 10x is recommended but at least one big stretch (which hopefully feels so good and becomes addictive), is good enough and essential.  If you also have back issues, try leaning straight against a wall for further support before your bed.  By simply doing this, you will be adding years to your bodies functional ability. 
GOAL: Take care of that temple because from that comes your quality/quantity of life.  Also, don't forget if you don't use it you will lose it! 
- GRATITUDE: say THANK YOU when you wake
-AFFIRM IT: focus on POSITIVE, own what you want
-STRETCH: take care of your body daily 
love Dani  

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