All That Glitters Isn't Gold...Cosmetic Surgery

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Welcome to 2018, a world where the shallowness of impressions rule as we often judge people based on how big their butt is, and what kind of belt they are rocking.  On my 31 years on this planet, things have really changed as cosmetic surgery has become the norm for many of those wishing to improve their appearance.  A whopping 4 MILLION PEOPLE annually in the US alone, have undergone some form of cosmetic procedure.  In layman terms that means a vast amount of people have tampered with the goods that God has given them, all looking for the end result of some form of physical, mental, emotional contentment with their body images.  I was one of those 4 million people doing a breast augmentation surgery in June 2016.  Here a few factors for my ladies considering any enhancements to consider, but first...


The Evolution Of Beauty... 

Beauty for me was something that I searched for from the outside in for numerous years in my life.  After being a mum of three beautiful blessings and being diagnosed with a thyroid condition after the last pregnancy, it was almost impossible to maintain a healthy weight and especially keep my boobs and butt.  I had felt that optimizing my appearance with a breast augmentation would be the perfect solution to coping with discontentment that lay within myself and help to boost my self-esteem.  The procedure was short and sweet, and yes I love my boobs but here are somethings I wish I had considered before jumping to go under the knife.   



- Consider the largest size your breasts have been when choosing appropriate implant sizes.  The size of the implants you choose to use is important due to the fact our body is made to sustain a certain weight.  For my augmentation, I choose 385cc saline implants thinking about the long-term effects on my health would it would have if ruptured.  Saline is basically salt water and can be easily absorbed in the body unlike silicone and cohesive gel that require MRI's for regular maintenance. This implant allowed my boob size to increase to 34D or 36C, now leaving me with regular tightness in my neck and shoulders, and a with my posture.  I wish I had got them smaller sometimes because of the pain and discomfort they cause me from time to time.  


- Initially, I wanted to do my butt and loved the idea of being able to transfer unwanted fat and sculpt it into the desired shape.  Unfortunately, I am in optimal shape and did not have enough fat, so I was not a suitable candidate for the procedure...( thank goodness!)  This procedure according to my cosmetic surgeon's opinion, has surpassed breast augmentation.  Before considering fat transfers, think about the long-term effects. 
Imagine when you are old at the Long Term Care facility with this big butt, how will you be able to move?  I think about all these things being a nurse at a LTC.   What are the long-term effects of having this massive booty on your molecular and anatomical structure?  Many doctor's do not educate woman on the long-term effects of cosmetic surgery on the body, including herniated spinal discs and limited mobility.  


 Look at all that definition of Coco Chanel's face.  I'm pretty sure she achieved this flawless look, of highly sculpted and accentuated cheekbones with the use of makeup, and Sephora wasn't open in her days!  So what does a little bit of common sense tell you?  In 2018 with the number of makeup females some need in order to feel secure including, contouring, bronzing, and baking, it puzzles me why anyone would want to physically change their face! 
Before consider getting collagen, biotin injections, and facial sculpting is there a noninvasive way to treat your issues?  Embrace who you!  You are the definition of beauty and remember that with ages comes a different kind of beauty for each stage! 


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- Why are you considering this cosmetic procedure?  
- Will doing this procedure enhance your life, and if so in what ways?  
- What are the long terms effects of this procedure?  
- Does this procedure need to be maintained?  
- How long will I need to recover from this procedure?
- Are you being lazy and could possibly work hard on your body through exercise and self-disciple to get the result you want?  
- Please don't think this procedure will be permanent, everything in life requires maintenance!  If you are lazy before the butt lift, tummy tuck, sculpting or whatever, chances are you will be lazy!  
That's all today folks, just continue to focus on your inner beauty and embrace the beauty that God has given you!  I hope for those considering plastic surgery they will take some of the facts that I have stated and think it through.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with it but all I am saying is that there is a lot of things to consider when doing it, especially the long-term effects.
Bless You Loves, 
"Seize the Day" 








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