Quarantine Commentary


Hello quarantined love bugs ... it’s been a minute but I hope your doing well on Day 780 of Covid19  quarantine.  I seem to be at peace at with this whole experience.  I have gotten to the point where I have been able to see the silver lining of this whole situation.  My faith in God allows me to let go of worry and fear while embracing  hope and a sense of positivity.  Things will be okay, I know God is fighting for us pushing back the darkness, lighting up The Kingdom and he won’t be shaken ... let us shout it  out! 

During this time its imperative to continue thriving by any means.  This it’s the perfect time to revive a long lost passion, learn a new self care skill or even perfect the technique of working out at home.  What ever you choose discipline is the key to maintaining the momentum.  It’s important to continue to find the balance in both the work and play areas of our life.  

Love yourself, set your intentions and 3 goals is what I am choosing to do as well as being practical about my goals and continue to navigate and adapt being in communication . 


The real lesson is how we want to be after this is all over .... 

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