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Recently I heard a phone interview conducted by Daymon John (founder of FuBu and shark tank guru) where he shared a few secrets to his morning routine that helped to contribute overall happiness.  I found his way of living life and starting his day was an amazing view.  Combined with my perspective loves, here are a few tips I have integrated into my life to contribute to increasing happiness and overall productivity.  


Set your alarm for an early start and wake up with a grateful heart.  Try to write down three things you are thankful for, and write down three goals that are short term, and three long-term goals.  Reality always starts with dreams, it is important to get your focus and energy right for a productive day.  
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I use to wake up and immediately go on my phone.  This is a horrible way to start your day because instead of filling your mind with your goals and worrying about your life, you begin to cloud and bombard it with the lives of others.  Also, don't go on your phone before bed, create a better routine for bed without including going on social media before bed.  
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Setting the intention for your day is imperative, it allows the universe to know what you are expecting.  I use to be the girl who said they didn't care and look what the universe sent me, a bunch of people in my life that didn't care.  Now I let the universe aware of my intentions and that I am expecting positive experiences!  Affirming your day is a perfect way to start it off, check out our daily affirmations by clicking here.  


Having a good night time routine is almost as important as a good morning routine.  Set your intentions for your day the night before.  Try to elevate morning stressors by choosing your outfit from the night before, packing your lunch, and setting yourself up for success.  Don't engage on your phone before bed, read a book and learn to wine down and unplug yourself from social media.  Life can get hectic with all types of group chats, emails, and social media apps but it's a conscious decision you need to make to unplug yourself daily.  
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I hope you found these things helpful when looking to Embrace Your Happiness!  Social Media is a great tool but should be used in moderation, and create a balance of using social media with personal interactions.  Many of my friendships have begun to deteriorate because of social media and lack of personal contact, but I know that this is Gods Plan.  For those friendships that I do have, I choose to cherish them and remain to engage on a personal level.  Good friends and communication are simply gifts in life I now realize and cherish.  
Seize the Day,

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