Hormones and Your Health


For the love of hormones have your ever wondered why they are so important?  Hormones are present in every living human being, and play a vital role in our everyday function.  Hormones are secreted by glands in the body and can be viewed as "chemical messengers" and flow throughout our body and help to keep things functioning smoothly.  When our hormone levels are not balanced a lot of things can happen that directly affect our health.  Too much or too little of hormones can cause various issues.  Join me as I review our hormones, and their function as well as how to maintain an optimal balance.  
"the feel good chemical."
function: regulates sleep, memory, appetite, mood
produced: in the brain
too much: confusion, sedation, decrease libido
too little:panic attacks, weight gain, insomnia, irritability, migraines, depression 
natural way to balance: increase vitamin B, get outdoors, exercise regularly
diet:  consume foods high in tryptophan such as pork, avocado and yogurt 
serotonin - Google Search
"sex hormone."
function: regulates sleep, memory, appetite, mood
produced: in the brain
too much: in woman = acne, deep voice, excess hair growth, infertility
in men= high energy level, positive outlook, faster muscle gain, improved sex drive
too little:in men= erectile dysfunction, memory loss, decreased libido, joint pain, difficulty gaining muscle, low energy level
in women= affected sexual desire/satisfaction, depression, lethargy, muscle weakness
natural way to balance: get enough sleep, maintain healthy weight, be active, review medications, limit stress
diet:  consume tuna, broccoli, egg yolks, beef, oysters, shell fish, and beans 
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