Killing Our Cells


Recently I have noticed the prevalence of skin infections, and skin related issues.  Being a mother of three beautiful girls, I have one daughter who suffers from severe eczema and seems to always be susceptible to skin lesions and infections not matter how hard I try to prevent them!  I decided to do more research to understand why skin infections always seem to be attacking my little kindergarten-girl and have recently started to take set on myself as well. 



My Cleanliness OCA 

...encourages me to enforce these simple things on a daily basis with my girls of

  • washing their hands upon entering the home
  • changing from outside clothes into "house clothes"  (my west Indian mothers will feel me on this one)
  • not going to the bed until they are bathed and ready for bed, (meaning no one is allowed to politic on the bed until its bedtime)

What is Normal Flora?

  • healthy bacteria produced by the body to help fight off germs and infections 
  • helps the body by reducing the incidence of foreign microbes 
  • essential for a healthy body and maintenance by boosting the immune system
  • found on the skin, especially the moist areas, such as the groin and between the toes,  respiratory tract, particularly the nose, urinary tract,  digestive tract, i.e. the mouth, the terminal ileum and the colon.


How we are Killing Our Normal Flora

  • Antibiotics:   The meaning of antibiotics means "against life" which ultimately means when prescribed and ingested we are killing our unhealthy and healthy cells.  We tend to overuse antibiotics to irradicate the issue at hand and forget about restoring our NORMAL FLORA when the issue is resolved.  

  • Lack of Knowledge: We tend to use medication as the first line of response to human illness without even resulting in natural remedies.  At times the use of antibiotics is imperative and saves lives don't get me wrong, but it is also important to know your options and to try them!  

  • Increased Availability of Medication:  There are so many products that we can get over the counter including pain pills, laxatives, mouthwashes, antacids, and the list goes on.  When we resort to using these pills in excess, we are directly killing our healthy cells.  NSAIDS or pain pills (like Advil) decrease the GI tracts ability to fight off pathogens, allowing bacterias and toxins to enter the blood and invade the body. SSRI Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are killing cell lining, as well as anti-cholesterol that rids the body of cholesterol need to construct cell walls.
  • Vaccinations. In the last few decades, the amount of vaccinations that have been created has skyrocketed.  It's become a trend to inject strange dead bacteria into our bodies, hoping to develop an immune system that will fight off these pathogens.  Little do we know the effect that this has on the long-term duration of our normal flora.  

    • Cleaning Products and Sanitation Measures: With new research, the old ways of cleaning and sanitation have changed allowing a wide range of products and chemicals to be available for usage.   Back in the day, we did not have hand sanitizer, and now a lot of people think is almost as good as handwashing.  Hand sanitizer, in my opinion, has created a generation of people who have placed handwashing on the back burner for this simple supposedly effective method.  

    • Detoxification: I love to detox my body but I recently have learned that I am too clean and bathe too often if that makes any sense!!  Sometimes we do not allow our body to generate healthy cells, that are required for fighting off bacteria.  One way we do this by the prevalence of colon cleanses, and that we may take to another extreme is killing our bodies NORMAL FLORA. 
    • Sterilization:  Pasteurized milk is a form of bacteria-killing process that allows a certain amount of natural bacteria to die, as well as increase shelf life but altering the health benefits.   By naturally altering out milk, the benefits of it to our bodies diminishes, resulting in a decrease of our healthy cells.  

    • Pesticides and Herbicides:  Now when we purchase fruits and vegetables we are uncertain of the conditions that they are grown in.  Without doing a thorough wash of these foods we really have no idea of what we are ingesting.  Everyone also loves a beautiful lawn, and may take matters into their own hands by spraying pesticides to irradicate the presence of bugs but what effect does that have on its surroundings?  The soil, the fruits that come from the soil, and furthermore are injected into our bodies?  

    • Medical Advancements:  With the increased knowledge of healthcare, and technology at our fingertips, we are actually disrupting our bodies by engaging in surgeries that are not needed, colonoscopies, chemo/radiation therapy, even liposuction and even fat transfers.  

    •  Contaminated drinking water. My heart goes out to the people in Flint Michigan as its common sense that drink contaminated water makes it almost impossible to maintain a healthy normal body flora! It will kill your healthy cells inside your GI tract and directly harm your immune system and in the long term affect the quality of life.  

    Image result for dirty water

    • New Food Culture:  Point blank the food we are consuming now is drastically different than the food our ancestors ate!  Food is now created to be appealing, which includes a prevalence of add food coloring that contains toxic factors to make food more visually appealing. These colors are synthetically created allowing the body to be exposed to possibly disrupting the natural order and normal flora in our bodies. 

      • An increase of Carbohydrates: Everyone loves carbs, no matter what culture you are from I am certain you have a native dinner roll, of the form of flatbread or pita.  As we know, bacteria's thrive off sugar, and most bread and carbohydrates contain sugar.  These sugars will allow bacteria to live and thrive inside us!  



      Things to avoid that will disrupt our bodies natural defense system known as normal flora are ... 

      • antibiotics 
      • artificial food coloring in foods 
      • mouthwashes 
      • pesticides and herbicides 
      • antibacterial soaps 
      • vaccinations 

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