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Hey loves, thanks for joining me!  As health is the new wealth, and being sober is the new drug, I have been doing a lot more exploring with foods.  I have started to put a lot of thought into the food and beverages I am consuming (now that I have laid smoking and drinking to rest) and have been religiously frequenting WholeFoods and stumbled upon some great new items!    I noticed a lot of new products at that only seem to be found at WholeFoods that I love (my list is massive).  Today will be focusing on a drink named Synergy, a type of Kombucha Drink.  
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What is Kombucha?  

-(noun) a beverage created by fermented sweet tea with additional cultures of yeast and bacteria 
- Origin:  created in Japan it means "kelp tea" 
-Formal name:  Medusomyces Gisevii 
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6 Reasons To Drink Kombucha

1.  Probiotic Properties

- a probiotic is a type of microorganisms that offers beneficial health benefits and promotes a healthy body
-when we take antibiotics we kill our healthy cells called 'normal flora' but this drink saves the good cells and kills the bad Image result for probiotic art

2.  Increases a Healthy Gut 

-this beverage is high in antioxidants, irradicating the presence of "free radicals" in the blood
-a healthy gut supports healthy digestion, as this drink is high in amino acids and enzymes
-know to prevent stomach ulcers and improve the integrity of the GI tract with antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic effects

3. Detoxification

- contains Gluconic acid, that is also found in veggies and fruits that helps to rid the body of toxins
-it is known to help detoxify the liver which is needed to filter the blood, metabolize fats, as well as for vitamin and mineral storage
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4.  Weight Loss

-this drink helps to balance the healthy microbes that are known to prevent obesity and encourage weight loss
- it increases your metabolism when consumed before meals

5.  Increase Energy & Athletic Performance

-aids in increasing energy levels during exercise and great for post-workout recovery decreasing soreness due to lactic acid build up in the muscles 

6. Mood Stimulant 

-high in vitamins B1, B6, B12 and vitamin C that may help with mood stabilization, depressions, as well as increase concentration  
-contains minimal amounts of alcohol due to the fermentation process which in return can reduce stress and increase positive feelings 
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What does Kombucha Taste Like?

I personally would describe Kombucha as a sweet/sour fizzy drink.  It is an acquired taste I feel I have developed due to drinking apple cider vinegar a few times weekly.  I have tried a few flavors but the Synergy Mystic Mango is my favorite and I would love to know yours!  Feel free to send me a comment or DM on IG and let me know yours!  
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Final Thoughts :  

I highly recommend this drink, not because of the flavor but because of the health benefits.  Usually, the things that don't taste good are the best products for you.  If you live in an area that doesn't have many health food stores I urge you to go out and get your hands on some Kombucha.  It's amazing how the resources and allocation of good wholesome food are in direct proportion to the demographics of the area.  (Think long and hard about this!) I have stopped shopping for bargains from the Asian market and started to invest in good products that require a specific standard including packaging and transportation.   I know you can not always be certain of the quality of food but I based on the rate of decomposition, and longevity of the product I am certain WholeFoods and Highland farms contain better quality food, and please don't get me started with the nasty meet at Costco.  You are what you eat, don't be cheap! Until I blog again, 
Seize the Day, 
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  • I’d lovd to try! Will look into this product! Thank you!

  • I used to drink Kombucha but stopped once they started adding black tea as I avoid all caffeine due to my adrenal health. Mojito was my favorite flavor.
    From Monica @manifest.greatness


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