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Thanks again for joining me as we have completed the first quarter of 2018!  Are you celebrating your achievements thus far?  Have you been dominating the things that you have set out to do? I am so excited at the progression I have made, but still, do have a long way to go.  Some days are easier than others, but I am here to lend some words of encouragement and much-needed reassurance to many that the best is yet to come.  You are where you need to be, and things are going to get better!  

“They fell like slaughtered birds and the woman stood below, like a small girl, among the bodies(Bradbury 37).”  Excerpt From: Ray Bradbury. “Fahrenheit 451.”

Tips to Live Life With A Purpose


Pray each and every day. Pray about everything and exercise affirming your faith by creating a relationship with your creator.  Make this apart of your daily living. God answers prayer, sometimes instantaneously other prayers may require more time.  Pray with a purpose, believe and be patient.  Gods angels are always working for you, and his plan is better and at times his plan far better than we could have ever imagined.  


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Everyone has a different way to meditate, but I find deep breathing while resting my body in a comfortable place allows me to clear my mind.  The only thing I choose to focus on is controlling my breath.  Clearing your mind daily without substance abuse is imperative.  I use to smoke a lot of weed and thought that this was a form of meditation, but instead causing racing thoughts by altering my brain chemistry.  It is important to learn how to remain calm inside when the world is spinning.  

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Make exercise a part of your daily routine, implementing it where and whenever you can.  You don't have to go to the gym, you can try and do simple things like squats everytime you are in the elevator (hopefully alone), or even leg lifts when washing the dishes.  Make it fun, and don't forget to switch it up sometimes.  When you fail to exercise, you are failing to win.  Self-love is the best love and starts with a healthy body.  

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 Be Kind

I always tell my girls, when you have a choice between being right and kind, choose kind!  Being kind to others, and not focusing on being right but instead, your focus on a state of inner happiness allows everyone to win. I use to love being right but realized life isn't about being in competition or getting points for being right, it's about showing love and compassion towards one another and inspiring others to do their best.   Also be kind to yourelf, forgive yourself and always show yourself the same compassion you show others.  Love begin with how you feel about yourself.  


Daily Do What You Love

If you have become so bogged down with working for others, and doing for others that you may have forgotten exactly your passions take a moment and think.  Write down what hobbies you loved when you were a child and take time to fully understand them.  Next, try them out and see if you have been able to rekindle an old passion that you have suppressed when adulting.  I hope it makes sense, but nothing tired is nothing failed! If you cant remember what you loved and you are lucky to still be in contact with childhood friends, hit them up and as them about what you use to do when you were childhood friends.     

 namaste _/\_

I hope you found this content useful and please feel free to comment below or drop me a little note to let me know how things are going with you! Happy Second Quarter 2018, may you continue to be FEARLESS IN THE PURSUIT OF YOUR DREAMS surrounding yourself with those who will also help to empower you!  

Seize the Day, 

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