Loss and Love

| N A M A S T E |

The winter months may also be know as "cuffing season" to many due to the fact we are often hibernating indoors, and unable to be social butterflies.  Many people engage in relationships due to the cold-hearted fact that they are unable to be alone. Sometimes in life it is important to take time to be alone, being alone for many can be a daunting process but it is imperative for growth and personal development. 
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" A Queen needs and Empire to be a Queen, not a King." 

| R E F L E C T I O N S |

In the past I have always yearned to be in a relationship but was unable to be in a healthy relationship for along time due to the fact that I did not have a healthy relationship with myself.  In order to love someone to capacity it is imperative to put loving yourself first, something that I had not been doing.  I  kept on bringing my past hurts, baggage, and resentments to relationships never truly giving myself a chance to heal.  The moment I started to fall so deeply in love with myself, accepting my past, and learning that everything I have been through was sent to shape me, I began to love myself.  Being a strong woman who is single, I realized that my self worth alone is just as important as those who seek to find their self worth in a relationship. I learned that being single is also being whole, and being whole is also being single.  
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| T R U T H S |

For those woman who feel as if their self worth will be found in a man I am here to reassure you to take time for yourself.  You only have one chance at life, yes it's okay we all make mistakes but don't waste time on something you know in your spirit isn't right.  Take time for yourself, take time to figure out yourself.  When we are often in relationships the plan for our life may often be altered due to taking on the goals and aspirations of our partner.  You only get one chance at life, and it was mean for you to live it to the fullest, not for you to waist it being in the control of others.  Don't be the type of females whose dreams and aspirations for themselves are continuously changing and reflect that of their current lover.  Be the type of woman who knows what she wants, will not change her game plan for anything.  I am sick and tired of woman preaching empowerment to others but are hurt and abused woman who are kept captive to their destiny because of being afraid to be alone.  
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| D I G   D E E P |

It's always good to do some self reflection and take time to assess where you are at.  Ask your self these questions and dig deep...

1. Are you the type of woman who has always been in a relationship and never had time to just be single?

2.  Do you look for a deeper meaning in situations to justify being there, even when you know its wrong?

3.  We all try to conceal our hurt at times but, do you try to help other woman and build them up but not address your own insecurities? 

4.  Are you in love with your current situation?

| C A R P E D I E M |


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