Love Yourself Big or Small

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Welcome my loves!  I pray you are thriving this January.   I know that I am mentally, physically, and emotionally thriving.  I have gained a bit of healthy weight and what really seems to puzzle me is how so many people are concerned with my weight. It's so annoying when I go places and people feel the need to comment on my weight. Have you ever experienced this?  

Rhianna at NYC Airport -2017 Image: Vouge

One of the golden rules that I feel should be upheld is to never comment on a females weight, either gains or loss.  Never comment.  Weight is such a personal subject and the ideal weight for some, may not be the ideal weight for others.  What's a healthy weight for me may not be a healthy weight for you.  As I have grown older and entered the 30s club I have learned to accept this.  


Rhianna Paris Fashion Week - SS 2019

Over the past week Rhianna one of my favorite singers and fashion icons of all time was blessed with fashion partnership with Louis Vuitton.  I can relate to Rhianna on a number of different levels including weight gain.  Rhianna has been scrutinized numerously about her weight gain (which is utterly ridiculous in my opinion.)  Rhianna looks healthy to me, she looks like she is living her best life and thriving on every level.  When Rhianna was asked about her recent weight gain she comment so gracefully stating "she has the pleasure of fluctuating weight."  


Rhianna NYC 2016

Her remark really sparked this blog as I was mesmerized at being so dignified, and classy.  Rhianna really showed a positive outlook, and it radiated the confidence that she posses about herself.  Confidence in a sense that I feel a lot of woman could really take notes from and use, including myself.  I then realized this, if Rhianna is comfortable with herself and could respond so gracefully then why can't I?  Being confident about who you are and where you are at in life is a quality that allows you live your life to the fullest.  

Rhianna NYC 

In a world filled with woman who are all focused on fulfilling one standard image of beauty (big boobs, small waist, and big booty) embracing who you are is KEY.  It's so scary that when you scroll through the popular pics on IG alot of females in the black community especially all resemble one another.  It's like that mold has become the gold standard of what society has accepted as beautiful.  I am here to encourage you that no matter what size or color you are you are beautiful and wonderfully made.  Embrace where you are at on this journey because you will never have another day like today. 


Rhianna 2017

Here are some simple things to do to start loving yourself more and stop comparing yourself to others that have helped me.   

-Limit the amount of time you spend on social media. 
-Track your usage on how long you spend on IG and cut it down.  
-Don't go onto IG before bed either, alot of the things you see are not real
-IG happiness is often not real happiness.
-Set aside time daily to free your mind of distractions.
-Focus on where you are now, and relax. 
-Don't be so hard on yourself when things don't work as planned.

-Learn to be in control of your breath.
-Practicing deep breathing will bring your attention inwards instead of outwards.  
-Deep Breathing detoxified the body, ridding it of any negativity.  
- The more conscious you are of your diet the better your will feel.
- Eat foods that uplift you, and radiate all the way to your spirit.  
- Treat yourself once in a while, but limit the amount of sugar you intake. 
- Don't calorie count or call eating healthy a diet... it's a lifestyle change baby girl. 

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