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Hello my loves, I welcome you with open arms as 2018 is the year of INTRODUCTIONS! I believe it and receive it!  The topic of today's blog will be centered around mindfulness.  Join me to further explore... 
Meditation allows us to reach alpha state most often, and theta state in the most practiced meditators. Each of these states produce a different kind of intuitive experience and allow us to access different levels of our multidimensional self. I find that

What is Mindfulness?  

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and daily awareness.  Being mindful allows you to live while truly appreciate the moment by embracing it and seizing the day, 

10 Steps To Becoming A More Mindful Individual 

No.1: Establish a Healthy Mind... 

Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess!  Learning to rewire your thoughts and perspectives to see the beauty in things. Your mindset is not permanent, you have the ability to change it so you can live your best life!  

No. 2 Take Care of Your Body  

 Nurture your mind, body, and soul on a daily basis.  Establish a routine of exercising, eating well, and strengthening your spirit with meditation and prayer. Health is a balance of these three elements, it's imperative to invest in them on a daily basis! Winners win DAILY..make that your mantra when you feel like giving up.  
História Dinâmica: Esfinge de Gizé -   A mais conhecida de toda histó...

No.3 Get Out Doors More

Embrace the beauty around you more often, instead of driving that Porsche everywhere its cool to walk sometimes.  Get inspired by the beauty of nature, embrace it daily, the sun provides Vitamin D a feel good drug! I personally enjoy going to the beach and praying by the water.  I feel a sense of calmness and serenity.  Find a special spot in nature that helps to calm the mind.
Sensory item #6 The feeling you get as the sunset approaches and the sight as well

No. 4 Listen Actively Without Judging 

Learn to be an active listener and don't enforce your judgments.  It's okay to have different opinions, learn to embrace the differences in others.  Thank goodness we are not all programmed to be same! 
Aurora over Reykjavík's city lights, Iceland (by Friðþjófur M. on Flickr) 
No. 5 Take Things Slowly and Focus
Instead of focusing on doing a million tasks, why not choose one and be actively and passionately engaged?  In a world where multitasking and instant gratification is on the rise, slow down.  Learn to challenge your energy on one task at a time.  

 No. 6 Understand Things Aren't Permanent 

Being a nurse at a Long Term Care Facility is always is humbling continuously allowing me allowing me to understand the importance of life.  Sometimes the things we fuss and stress about are things that are bound to change.  Nothing stays the same... understand there is a time and season for everything!  Live, Love and Let Go! 
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No. 7 Live in Gratitude
Mindful people enjoy the little things, taking everyday tasks like eating, and dancing and turning them into mindful moments and appreciate them!  They are grateful for the simple things and live with a constant vibration of being grateful.
The daily text was so good today! No matter what trials we might come against always take comfort in the blessings of Jehovah and his love for us❤️

  No. 8 Show Self Love and Compassion 

By laughing at your mistakes, and being compassionate towards yourself when you mess up you will develop a greater mindfulness complex.  Understanding the beauty of your journey and that life is a marathon, not a race, you will truly grow!  
Pointillist heart rocks - lovely

No. 9 Live to Learn 

Life is about always learning so developing a healthy sense of curiosity is a great way to embrace being mindful!  Try new things, network with new people, and get out of your comfort zone.  If you don't challenge yourself you will never grow!  Don't forget your biggest competition is the person staring back at your reflection.
Looking at it's own reflection.  

No. 10 Embrace Your Emotions 

Mindful people are woke and aware of their emotions and do not deny or repress them.  Sometimes emotions may be difficult to understand but they allow themselves to feel.  Don't let your feelings get the best of you but be aware of, them.  It's okay to feel!    
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