It's All About The Energy Baby!

N A M A S T E 

Hey loves, in January my focus will be centered around detoxifying!  Feel free catch up on the previous blogs filled with detox drinks, and New Year's Tips to Start  2018 With a Bang.  Today I am going to dive right in on the importance of recharging your energy and how to ATTRACT MORE POSITIVE ENERGY AT HOME!!  I have been immersed in recharging the energy in my life and can certainly feel the difference that has taken place since detoxing my home as I have created a magical space and conducive environment that breeds creativity!   Detoxifying the energy in your life is imperative, as you rid yourself of old, useless energies and to attract new positive ones!   



1.  Commit to regularly keeping your home and space tidy as your home is a reflection of your spirituality.  I grew up on the saying, "cleanliness is next to godliness," and have realized through the transitions in life how this is so true!  Mop frequently and be aware of who you let in your space.  Your home is your temple and safe oasis.  Different people carry different spirits and vibes.  If you have children in your home it's especially important to be mindful of this.  Always mop right after different people enter your home including property management and contractors.  
2.  Donate It.   Releasing old energy allows you to receive a new positive energy, it's a straight up gain!  Out with the old and in with the new! Releasing yourself from the presence of people who you feel don't allow you to flourish.  This may even mean to release yourself from the grip of family members in order to achieve your purpose.  No one should ever be held prisoner to their past, so donate those past connections to society with love, and evolve!  Every day is a new day to make yourself better.  Make a network for yourself, as well as so you will be able to establish yourself and your team!  Donate, or throw out anything out anything you don't need!  
 3.  Have a balanced environment, including optimal natural lighting with a mixture of plants and greenery.  These structural elements will help to bring a balance of the outdoors inside in the most subtle ways.  Believe you me the energy that plants indoors emits is miraculous!   Try to have at least one or two plants ranging from a money tree (or if you're like me three) orchids, aloes, cactuses... just think out the box and explore!  When was last time you checked out your local nursery? I don't mean buying a plant from the grocery store loves!   For all my Canadian followers in the GTA area check out Bontay Floral Studios n Little Italy.  (Pssst... I am obsessed with plants!  I am currently working on starting my own indoor herb garden!  I'm so excited I had to share this with you! )
4. Be open to aroma!   The use of aromatherapy is amazing, please get on this trend if you haven't already!  I urge you to get experimental and hit up the naturals section in your local holistic store. Make it fun and do some research to find out what scent you love.  If you don't already know or even if you are just trying something new! I have a few favorite scents that have a variety of ranges, I will go into further detail about the benefits in a future blog post!  For now, I will tell you my current favorite aromatic is lemongrass.  Invest in a small diffuser.
5. Invest in some quality candles, trust me you won't be sorry!  When it comes to candles be practical.  I believe a reasonably priced candle should range anywhere from $14 - $25 size prohibiting!  My favorite candle brand is by DW Homes, in the scent  Vanilla Blackberry.  There is nothing cozier and relaxing than a burning flame while in your favorite jammies sipping your favorite loose leaf steeped tea! 
It was my pleasure to enlighten you on the things that I have found that have become essential in the progression of my journey.  I hope you learned at least one new thing and are willing to give it a try!  Have you been keeping up with our daily affirmations?  


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