Online Dating ... Yae or Nae?

N A M A S T E 

With 2020 progressing so quickly I thought it would be a good idea to try something new and be open to the idea of meeting new people.   I might of thought wrong but it was still a learning experience all in all. Here are a few statistics taken in 2019 that should be considered prior to signing up to that dating site and rolling the dice. 
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-30 % of females ask for help when creating their profile, while only 16% of male users ask for help
- Females aren't looking for "hook ups" aka "booty calls" unlike males on these platforms 
-53% of people LIE on their profile about age, income, and body measurements
-20% of committed relationships begin online
-36% of people in 2019 used online dating  

My experience...

To be honest my experience wasn't the most favorable. I was able to waste my energy messaging new people but was unable to have truly connected with someone.  The one person that I was able to had a whole sticky story with a new born and also were not my type physically.  I had held off on meeting them to not only be attracted to them for material possessions like in the past but to be able to connect with them for who they are personality wise.  Either way it didn't work out and I formed a small connection with someone I didn't even know.   This was not a first for me, but meeting some online randomly it was.  

Tips for that Tinder...

-Stay away from the false notion of online dating and be open to love as when the time is right God will make the perfect person come.  Work on having a better healthier relationship with yourself.  Don't be easily impressed by what you see... all that glitters isn't always gold keep that in mind.  The less you see the less you know the less you want and crave.  Just know what you want and be open to love in the universe and keep your standards high.  All roads lead to somewhere, by keeping the end result in mind you prevent yourself from falling harder than when you started.  
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