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 Love is in the air.  

Valentines  Day is just a few days away what are your thoughts?  Overrated? Maybe..maybe not? Whatever it means to you live your life!  For many people, tho Valentine's Day can call for "communication in the highest form" by this I am referring to lovemaking with some Avant playing in the background...

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As you prepare for all this  "communication", why not prepare your body for the long term?   This read is tailored to teaching and educating my male readers, but of course my female readers you are more than welcome to read!  Why not learn and teach your husbaes and ensure long-term effects of "good communication". Now enough talking in code, let me get straight to the point...



When's the last time you checked your balls?    


 I am serious...when (or for my ladies ask Zaddy, Husbae, your boo thank but find out). In the medical world, we refer to checking your balls as an assessment called a Testicular Self Examination or TSE as I assure you it has nothing to do with The Stock Exchange! This is not an exam that screens for sexually transmitted infections like Gonorrhea and Syphilis but looks for Testicular Cancer instead.  Testicular cancer has the highest prevalence affect young men between the ages of 24 - 30.  Read more to find out how it's done!    

What is a TSE?

A TSE is a monthly examination of the testicles looking for any abnormalities including ridges, lumps, and masses required for early detection and prevention of testicular cancer.  Testicular cancer is usually found in one testicle, so being aware of your existing anatomy is beneficial.  To know thyself is to Love Thyself.  Optimally, men should be completing a TSE monthly but no one will knock you if you do it more often!  Here is a simple diagram of how to complete this at home, and yes my ladies tell husbae all about this and have fun doing it with him if permitted.




- swelling and discomfort in the scrotum/balls
- asymptomatic lump and or swelling in either testicle
- pain or discomfort in the scrotum (a sac that holds the testis) 
- dull aching pain in lower abdomen or groin area 
- a difference in sensitivity in the testicles 

Your penis is not mean to hurt in anyway shape or form.  Men take these issues seriously and please do not be embarrassed to seek medical support.  




- Complete a TSE once a month, if you can't remember to schedule this there is an app for that! I haven't gotten a chance to trying it and I don't know if I ever will but CLICK HERE and let me know if this helps!  

- Learn the anatomy of your body so when checking you're aware the size and shape of your testicles as well as the natural ridges in the epididymis. It will help you and stop you from getting paranoid from self-diagnoses.  

-If you suspect a lump or mass in your balls, don't be embarrassed. Consult with a trusted health care provider as soon as possible as there are multiple reasons why lumps and masses occur, just be safer than sorry.  Your visit will start out routine with height, weight, bp, and then with an examination of the testicles.  

-Don't be shy, you may get erect when checking your testicles at home or with your doctor.  Get over it, and count your blessings!  Your penis is in good working order, keep fit and have fun.  This meme made me laugh when looking for some good images... 


-Zaddy....check your penis, once a month for abnormalities. Know yourself.  
-Ladies.... tell bae to check his penis either explain or show him how.
-Let's keep checking and minimize the risk of testicular cancer together!  

Love Yourself Darlings!  It's your responsibility to check up on it!   
"Seize the Day" 



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