This last year has been nothing but a wonderful journey for me.  It has been filled with many changes and I am nothing but grateful for the experience.  For months I have been allowing the changes in my life to divert me from one of my most fulfilling passions, writing.  Yes I have tried to figure out my passion by trying many things including expressing my self through art and trying to general sales.  It was quite a learning experience that allowed me to further restructure my life and to open my self up to new things.  I am in a season of restructuring mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I am open and fully committed to restructuring my life putting God first in everything I do.  I may not post like crazy, and I may not have thousands of followers but I am passionate about loving God deeper and using his love to shine in me so that I can love and inspire others. 


I just finished listening to a wonderful sermon by one of the most inspiring woman of God that I know Sarah Jakes Roberts and I am fully motivated and charged to continue to write. View this video now!  Restructuring is all apart of life and I look forward to more positive changes that will allow me to continue to figure out God's purpose for my life. I will continue to Seize Every Moment as I create a life I love, this is my definition of CarpeDiemArtt.  Opening up and being transparent about my journey can be hard but if my story at least helps one person to be motivated to keep on going in life as well as to get to know God more I will truly be happy.  

B L E S S I N G S 






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