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Welcome to day, let me start off by asking you a funny question...do you love boobs, and do you love your boobs?  I know I do as a young woman having three beautiful daughters, my body and my boobs especially really took the brunt of the wonderful evolution process!  As a female health care provider and mother it's imperative not only understand the importance of embracing your whole self and journey but to also fall in love with it!  I reached a point about three years ago when I was extremely unhappy with my boobs and the way they presented themselves and underwent breast augmentation. Please read my previous blog if you are considering any type of cosmetic procedure to be enlightened!  Today I will be going into detail about the importance of knowing your breasts and falling in love with every little piece of them by a process known as Breast self-examination (BSE).

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What is Breast Self-Examination:  

Breast self-examination is a technique every Queen should be familiarized with that helps you to identify changes in your breasts, that may or may not be abnormal, including lumps, and masses that may also be cancerous. 

There are many additional factors that may affect you and directly change your breasts allowing them to feel more sensitive or feeling lumpy including hormones, menstruation, and pregnancy.  The ideal time to perform a BSE is a few days after you have experienced your monthly menstrual cycle after the influx of hormones as passed and your body is in its most natural state.  If you do not experience a period it is important to choose a specific date and remain to check them on a consistent basis.  Mom's teach your daughter this practice from an early age and set them up for a lifetime of awareness!  




How to Perform a Breast Self-Examination :

Doing a BSE is simple and should be a painless process.  Remain consistent and learn and embrace your body in the process.   
This simple exam saved my life... do it monthly... please...  What Breast Cancer Cannot do -Self exam
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Straight Up Facts:

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer amongst women excluding non-melanoma skin cancers.  Breast Cancer in Canadian women has the 2nd highest mortality rate, and can also occur in men but is far less prevalent.  In 2017 approximately 25% of all new cancer diagnoses in women were breast cancer, and 13% of cancer-related deaths in women occurred due to breast cancer.  On average, 72 Canadian women will be diagnosed, and 14 women will die due to breast cancer every day.  230 men annually will be diagnosed with breast cancer and a third of these men will die from breast cancer.  
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Read more: http://www.cancer.ca/en/cancer-information/cancer-type/breast/statistics/?region=bc#ixzz58z3fVIwy

Quick Synopsis: 

-BSE is a screening for any lumps, lesions, or masses found in breast tissues.
-Don't panic if you notice abnormal changes 40% of findings are non-cancerous.
-Men have breast too, so be sure to share this with you male counterparts 
-Complete a BSE monthly make it a regular practice, females schedule this a few days after menstruation.  
-If you think something is wrong, directly contact your health care provider to follow up and remain calm, God is in control.  


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