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Life, it certainly has a way about things!   Today's blog is very personal and emotionally connected.  I feel the need to share my pain that I have rechannelled and directed into excelling and fulfilling my dreams.  Being a mother of three beautiful Princess has certainly taught me a lot on my journey.  I have got to the place in my life where I am finally not afraid to eat at the table alone.  I have been through many experiences and have no regrets for they have helped to shape me into the fearless, inspirational warrior I am today.  My past history has been riddled with "informal unhealthy relationships," spending and investing time in men who were emotionally unavailable.  I wasted precious time following my typical pattern of falling in love with their bodies, then binding with their souls that crippled my ability to achieve my maximum potential.



Sexually Transmitted Infected Souls

Sexually Transmitted Infections are infections characteristically transmitted by sexual contact, some common forms are HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, and the list goes on.  When you are sexually active with a new partner (in this world where some tend to use sex as a means of dating), it is imperative to continuously check up on your sexual health by means of objective testing including urinalysis, blood work, and swabs to avoid compromising your overall wellbeing.  The term Sexually Transmitted Infected Souls, refers to infections that are not directly quantified by scientific calculations, but instead are on a deeper more complex scale.  STIS directly effects the most vital part of your being, your soul and are transmitted through direct sexual contact.   

Signs & Symptoms of STIS

The typical signs and symptoms of having STIS are subjective and can be manifested in different forms.  It's basically when you inhabit spirits from another person through sexual contact that infects your soul in a negative way hindering your ability to thrive and live.  These spirits come in the forms of demons and always lead to negative outcomes in relationships. You may not understand sometimes why you are so sexually connected to people and at times feel like you need them to thrive.  This is because somewhere down-the-line you tied your self to that person.  I know for some people they talk dirty when having sex, saying things that in future manifest into a soul tie.  Imagine tieing your soul to a person with multiple partners, and their multiple partners have multiple partners.  Good nasty sex, isn't love.  It is a component of love but it not love.  Your soul is that last part of you that will remain.  It's scientifically proven when the composition of your body is broken down they are only able to identify 99.9999999999999% of the components.  Protect your soul by any means.  

Treating STIS

In order to irradicate your STIS, it's imperative to strengthen your spiritual connection with God.  Seek the strength and guidance of your creator God the Father who is able to restore your mind, body, and soul as well as redirect your path so that you are able to fulfill your purpose.  Breaking a soul tie is a process that required a conscious person who revels in sober thoughts, and whose passion burns deep for a more purposeful meaning to life.  BLOCK AND DELETE these people and those who keep you trapped in your past!  It is imperative to write down or, even mentally reflect on the souls that you feel you have been tied to over the years and renounce your connection to them.  Be serious about taking a whole of your soul by speaking to these ties and affirming these soul ties to be ceased and broken!  Talk to God affirming he is your owner.  Give your soul back to God!  
Affirm it, and believe it!  You only get one chance at life and your soul will remain after you flesh will fail!  It's time to get serious with life and make the right connections with people and never compromise the status of your soul for temporary satisfaction.  
Seize the Day, 

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