Start 2018 With a Bang

N A M A S T E 

2018 is the "Year of the Butterfly" signifying new growth and elevation.  I  have never been so excited to welcome a New Year into my entire life.  I am manifesting the dreams and visions of my heart knowing the positive seeds I am sewing are going to flourish ten times over in 2018. How about you, I know you feel the vibe that why you are here! Manifest your dreams into reality, as what you focus on expands.  #2018TGBTG

Tips to Bring In 2018 with A BANG!  

  • CELEBRATE YOUR 2017!  Begin with GRATITUDE.  Reflect on the past year (2017) focusing on the positives.  It's important to acknowledge how far you have, yes you!  You are beautifully and wonderfully made!   Love yourself and enjoy the small victories as you prepare mentally to embrace the new year! 


    • DETOX, DETOX, DETOX! What is detox you may ask?
      noun: ˈdētäks/

      a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body, or environment of unhealthy substances or toxic; detoxification.

      Have you heard about spring cleaning?  It's time to make New Years cleaning and detoxifying a way of life!!   Wipe everything, reorganize your home, throw away unnecessary things, and stop hoarding!  By doing so you are releasing old energy, while increasing your positive energy, and vibrations. Also, remember to go into the New Year with clean laundry, and sheets.  It's time to start a fresh, the time is now!  

      • Create a VISION BOARD


      If you have never created a vision board I strongly stand by this concept and encourage you to make 2018 the year to try it out!  Vision Boards are for EVERYONE and a great way of visually conceptualizing your ideas in a central location so that they will be able to manifest.  A vision board helps to maintain the focus, as we know what we focus on expands!  If you have never created a look out for my post this week showing you the steps and I will also reveal the finished product of my 2018 VISION BOARD.


      I hope you found this post useful, I found that on my personal journey making resolutions were almost impossible to keep.  These are just some real simple things you can do to "water the soil" and "change the fruit that you produce."  Wouldn't you much rather keep it real with yourself and set realistic goals?  That feeling of a personal win is the best!    Feel free to tweek the ideas as required to allow it to what you already may or may not have in place.Please comment, feedback is greatly appreciated!  


      - CELEBRATE: Reflect on 2017 accomplishments.
      -DETOX: your body, and home of old toxins

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