What's Your Anchor?

N A M A S T E 

I hope 2019 has been treating you well!  We are exactly two weeks into the year and it has  already been epic for me.  Last week I suffered a very bad back spasm and unable to walk, and on top of that I had got a taste of the flu.  I felt paralyzed and helpless but through it all I still managed to see the positive side of it all.  I continuously focused on fueling myself with positive self talk knowing that this will pass.   While being basically confined to my bed, I was able to think about what this whole experience was telling me.  I finally realized that the universe was telling me to maintain the balance in my life. 

It was an eye opening experience for me to realize that I had lost the balance of exercise, healthy eating, and being motivated to purist my art and blog until I was unable to do so.  I was not completely "Seizing the Moment," and allowed a lazy unmotivated spirit to take over the balance in my life that I worked so hard to maintain.  I decided to talk about what I learned this week on choosing the right Anchor to help get myself out of the situation that I faced.  

Take a moment to reflect ...  

In moments of adversity where you feel as if you are "shipwrecked" what do you do?  

Here are a few things to do when you feel as if you are hopeless or our of sync in your life that will Anchor you back in the right direction.  

1. Increase Your Faith 
God always wants us to trust and rely on him.  Take a moment to pray and seek God to be able to hear this voice.  The more we seek him, the more discerning of his voice we are, and the more we increase our faith. 

2.  Slow Down
Life often throws us curve balls, or shipwrecked situations that take us of the journey we have envisioned for ourselves.  Sometimes we are going so fast we often don't take enough to reflect.  


 3. Practice Mindfulness
The process of being mindful isn't as hard as it seems.  It has do to with being focused on the current state you are at including being aware of your breathing, and being aware of this present moment.  It is similar to mediation but focused on  being gratitude.  

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4.  Keep a Gratitude Journal 
Start your day off by reflecting on three things that you are grateful for an write it down.  Try and choose different things daily and keep track of you gains no matter how big or small they are.  The universe responds to what we focus on, so if you focus on the good, good things will follow.  




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