2018 Reflections

N A M A S T E 

It's that time of year again, a time for reflection.  It amazing me that the older I get the faster it seems as the year goes by!   This year has been a productive year filled with transformations I could never have believe would take place.  I am going to start with the biggest transformation that I have ever made and that was completely surrendering my mind, body, and soul to Jesus Christ.  That commitment was the ultimate catalyst to my blessings this year and for that I am forever grateful.  Giving everything to God has changed my focus as well as appetite for things in life.  I am truly blessed to be able to have a new start, and positive mindset and I believe with God all things are possible. 
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 In the last year I have lost many long time friends (I have know almost half of my life) but it need it to be this way.  The process was challenging especially adapting to relationships that were apart of my past, but letting go of the was worth it.  I wish all my friends in the past, present, and future the best.  I wish everyone I encounter nothing but the best.  I wish my old self a peaceful disconnect as I bury that part of myself.  I hold higher hopes, and aspirations for peace and prosperity for 2019.  I will continue to hustle with heart, good intentions, and positive expectations for good things to come.  
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I have had much fun this year, letting go of old parts of me that have held me confined to my own personal prison.  I have had much growth and healing in my mind, and finally quit the craving for fleshly things including smoking.  I am so happy with the positive relationship with myself I have developed also.  I look forward to 2019 leveling up with my higher self.  I am now aware that the price of Peace is PRICELESS and refuse to compromise my energy and peace for anyone.  I look forward to God's hand to continue ordering and guiding my steps.  


Seize the Day 

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