Agate To Heaven

N A M A S T E 

I just came back from watching Black Panther, this is what exactly what I needed to recharge my energy and rise back up. "United we stand, there is so much more connecting us than dividing us."  Can you believe it made me shed a tear man, what a special movie in these times, this is movie is a must see!  I will not spoil it but ironically today's blog will be portraying a piece of heaven that God sent to heal us and energize us.  Like in the movie they had vibranium to energize and recharge the people of Wakanda.  Latley I have been addicted to Agate Decor as I am so in touch with energy and vibrations, please read more to be enlightened.  

What is Agate? 

- Oriental Stone consisting of a hard variety of Chalcedon(a type of quartz), that is typically banded in appearance colors range from green, blue, white, purples 
-Agate has healing properties that go all the way back Egyptian, Greek and Babylonian period 
-Agate can be used for many medical purposes including balancing emotional and physical energy, increasing intellectual energy, boosting creativity, coping with post-partum depression 
Sliced agate tables covered with mineral and gems

CarpeDiemArtt Approved
Agate Decor 

KNOBS:   An inexpensive and classy way to upgrade any piece of furniture
COASTERS:  A protective and stylish way to hold your Champagne.  
BOOK ENDS:  Stylish and functional, a great way to accessorize your basic bookshelves or end tables!  
CHEESE BOARDS: We all love wine and cheese, boss your life up with these dope boars... no more cedar planks!
LIGHTS:  Brighten any space with a floor lamp or even better a chandelier.  
 Blue agate geode crystal lamp home decor by SoulMakes
Bebe Chandelier by Marjorie Skouras | The English Room
Agate 'Bebe Chandelier' by Marjorie Scouras. Agate, Geode and Rocking home Decor Ideas We Love at Design Connection, Inc. | Kansas City Interior Design #InteriorDesign
I have many more pieces and I will also include a mood board with interior styling... just a sample of my Agate to Heaven Love!! Stay Tunned my loves, 

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