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Welcome loves, today I am going to be sharing a few home staging tips for all my sellers in the real estate market who are looking to make the maximum buck for their space!  Home staging is really simple once you are able to gain the insight that your home is no longer being styled for your personal preference.  It's shifting your space from your personal preferences to allowing buyers to envision themselves in your space!  Now let's jump right in...

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#1. Cleanliness Rules

No one enjoys entering a dirty space (especially buyers) so give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom!  Higher a cleaning agency to help rid your place of dust, mold, and cobwebs are not appealing to buyers!  Just because your home seems clean to you it may not meet the standard for potential buyers, it's all about attracting them.  

#2.  Curb Appeal

Your home should make a good impression from the outside first.  Keep your garden kept, windows clean, as well as remove any things that may get in the way of someone's first impression. First impressions are irreplaceable!  If you have garbage containers that are kept to close to entryways find a way to relocate them when you are having viewings.

#3.  Freshly Painted

Give your home a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up a bit!  Choose colors that are neutral and try to accent them with more bolder interior decor for some fun!  Buyers are looking at how practical their furniture can be placed into every space so be mindful of what color paint and wallpaper your may choose!  

#4.  Rooms Need Purpose

Each and every space in your home needs to be defined in order to market your space to buyers. The living room should be the living room not a living room, play area and TV lounge. Set aside a purpose for each space making it easy to understand. Utilize every space in your home in a functional way.  

#5.  Declutter Your Space

Buyers can feel overwhelmed when entering a space where there is too much (or even too little) furniture in the space.  Less furniture allows the rooms to be viewed as larger, allowing buyers to believe there is a lot of space (even if there is not).  Store items that may have no home ie. vacuum cleaners, ironing boards in closets, outdoor shed or even the trunk of your car!  It's all about allowing the buyer to feel relaxed, and understanding how they can transition there living into space presented. 

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#6.  Mix and Match 

When staging each room scale down on the old, and try to have a good balance of modern interior styling.  Mix and match pieces selecting decor from your existing home, and or repurposing existing furniture.  Also, try to play with your furniture by rearranging them before going and purchasing new pieces.  Think out the box and use pieces appropriate for each space.   

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#7. Less You More Them

Keep your family momentums to a minimum or personal photos and keepsakes when staging your home.  The home should showcase the features instead of its inhabitants.  If you are a religious person, refrain from using religious items and dress each room creating an inviting space.  

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Happy Staging Loves....xoxo 
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