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Hey loves, I pray the first quarter of 2018 has been treating you well! On this wonderful journey, called life its imperative to understand change and the importance of embracing it!  I finally understand nothing is better than going with the flow of the universe.  Drake said it best "Nothing Was the Same," things are is always evolving, just embrace it!  If you have always wanted to decorate and don't really know where to start, here are some simple ways to help you define your interior decorating style! 


1.  BE CONFIDENT in who you are!  Your style is a reflection of WHO YOU ARE, and it will be reflected in each in every aspect of the things you choose to have in your space!  It's your HOME, own that baby!  If you need a bit more clarity figuring things out, ask the one who created you our heavenly father! Visit our DAILY AFFIRMATIONS page for some!
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2.  How do you want to FEEL in YOUR SPACE?  What do you ENVISION as the perfect place for you?  Using the law of attraction, focus on what exactly you love and want!  Do you want a modern or traditional space?  Do you like colors or more neutral monochromatic tones?  Create a mood board filled with colors, paint swatches, fabrics, and choose ideas of interior styling you like from magazines and online.  If you aren't quite sure, there are LOADS of places to get INSPIRED.  Visit CarpeDiemArtt on Instagram for some dope inspiration.     
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    3. Consider the space you are decorating.  For instance, if you live in an older home, your style inside doesn't have to be confined to its exterior! What makes the space you are decorating unique? Finding the focal point of the space is always a wonderful place to being.  It could be a beautiful bay window or even a remarkable genuine hardwood floor!   Look for the beauty loves, as life is full of wonderful beauty that inspires us daily, sometimes we may take it for granted!     
4. Utilize what you have!  Have some fun look around your home and choose five items that you love that you wish to incorporate into your personal space.  The items can be almost anything, vintage compasses, cool artwork, a world map, or maybe even some statues you collected on your travels of the world!  Mix and match old pieces with new, expensive with affordable, and don't be afraid to reuse and repurpose!  
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Styled: Jonathan Adler
These easy to use tips can help give you some guidance when decorating loves, and don't be afraid to do something new!  It's time for a change, and it starts with you! You are a product of your environment, so why not make it a beautiful one!  I am certainly looking forward to spring, as I will be doing a lot more DIY and repurposing projects outdoors! Visit our decor, and see the Egyptian Paradise, Holographic Haven, and A Touch of Dopeness the Couture Art collections!
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