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Welcome back loves, today for my holistic wellness blog topic I will be focusing on mental health illness.  Mental health conditions are on the rise on a society that is now governed by decreased social interaction and diminished personal contact.  Social media and text messaging is the newest form of communication that I feel we all have accepted.  It may be easier to conduct conversations and check-ins via text message but after a while, it really takes a toll on the relationship and our well being and mental health as a whole. I personally feel like everyone has suffered from mental health in one form or another.  
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Mental Health is defined as a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.  With a society that is so fast-paced lacking fundamentals such as patience and empathy, people are often lead to having a mental overload.  There are so many new things to learn, and so much happening at any given time that can produce unwanted stress resulting in this mental overload.  It's important to wine down and set a pace and goals for your life that are realistic.  Mental health may often be disregarded and undiagnosed due to the absence of physical illness and is prevalent. We all know that thoughts become feelings as the mind is the strongest tool we possess.
The top mental health illnesses in today's society are depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders, that can all stem from one underlying cause, stress.  It's important to learn how to effectively cope with stress without abusing substances like medication, and alcohol.
I have personally dealt with depression for many years that hindered my ability to think clearly and to thrive.  I feel the coping methods that I use to use and abuse helped me to cover up my issues since society stigmatizes people who may possess mental health issues.  I wish that I had gotten health sooner and was able to recognize the issues I had, instead of trying to sedate and mask my appearance of reality.  I would smoke and drink often looking for this high, to reduce my perception of really thinking that this would help me cope.  In return, this was not the solution to curing my mental health issues but in return only making them worse. 

There is Hope!

Here are a few simple things that you can implement daily to assist with stress, that can promote optimal mental health daily. 
-Don't worry about a thing, every little thing will be alright!  Worrying about things you have no control over is useless!  Trust God and have some faith it will be alright!

-Learn to see the positive in every situation!  Change your perspective, if the old way wasn't leading you to love and life, its time to make a change.  
--Go with the flow of life, and never hold on to anything so tightly live to let go and learn.  When you accept this concept life will be a breeze.
-Remember happiness is an internal force that comes within.  Keep a diary of gratitude and realize that if you aren't happy and content with a little, you will never be happy. 
-Listen to motivational music, read motivational content and always start your day off with a positive intention!  The universe wants you to expect good at all times!
 xoxo CARPE DIEM ARTT xoxo 
Wishing you the best on your road to mental freedom, and internal peace and love.  

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