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I love monochromatic lines and stripes and recently transformed my dining room into vertical black and white stripes! I love the contrast of black and white stripes, vertical and horizontal.  The simplicity of the colors and the beauty of the linear lines amazes me and provides the right amount of balance when executed well.  Do you love stripes, and if so what would be your color choices?  Please comment below! 

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Here are a few of my favorite monochromatic striped interior styling images, showing the versatility and differentiating patterns that can be achieved patterned with black and white, either horizontal and vertical, or thin and thick!  I will also be including a few tips and tricks of the trade I picked up along the way! Enjoy loves! 

Basic Tips When Using Lines

-lines help to widen narrow spaces 
-an illusion of elongation by bringing down eye level
-helps create a contemporary intimate setting
-accessorize with a chair
-the lines tend to elongate the space make them look taller 
-consider vertical lines as an accessory such as "heels"
-accessorized with large pieces of art work, as the wall is already busy enough
-creates a more playful vibe, 
-try alternating contrasts including gloss finishes, and matte to create a textured look 
-creates a playful exciting energy 
-instantaneously used to create a vibrant space
-reflects and eclectic sense of style
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  Here are a few rooms grouped by location...


Tommy Hilfiger's master bath employs a graphic black-and-white color scheme. We love the contrasting prints on the walls. |



Para la oficina en casa: un toque interesante para la pared con paredes bicolor en blanco y negro.

10 Striped Wallpaper Design Ideas - Gradually narrowing stripes, just like with the Fjordbyen design, is a perfect way to add visual height and interest to a smaller space.

Audrey...My fave girl...Ana Antunes Home Styling


Brisbane Apartment by James Dawson full height ceiling with round cornice

Black & White Striped Wallpaper
Decorator favorite Hollywood Martin Lawrence-Bullard California House..


15 Stupendous Modern Home Bar Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop




Monochromatic living rooms: a case study in style. Photography by Simon Upton. Desiged by Philip Vergeylen and Paolo Moschino of Nicholas Haslam Ltd (
I hope you enjoyed the rooms showcased today.  These images were all taken from Pinterest, sorry for being unable to site each image!  Now get inspired and get striping today!  
xoxo CarpeDiemArtt

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