Rustic Chic - Bathroom Edition


Hey winners, thanks for joining!  Are you ready for more Rustic Chic interior styling?  I hope you have read the intro for this theme if you do not just click here.   Rustic Chic is summarized to me as: practical functional, natural elements creating are clean and chic look!  The room I am going to be focusing on is a very unconventional for this theme,  scroll down to see more.  


 RUSTIC CHIC Bathrooms 

This Rustic Chic counter-top is an original way to incorporate rustic natural elements into an unconventional space.
TIP:  stainless steel + wood = Rustic Chic vibe.   


This graphite stone tub with accents of contemporary wood paneling has undeniably fused together creating a Rustic Chic appeal to this bathroom.   
T  I  P: Use wood panels to create a variety of moods. Play with shapes, sizes, color, and balance.  


This Victorian inspired rose gold & silver bathtub is the definition of Rustic Chic.   The contemporary balance between the dark/light natural tones and brick texture walls, allows for just enough light to grace this room.  

TIPTo add the classic feature to any bathroom, use a Victorian-style tub.


This serene bathroom effortlessly combines the Rustic Chic elements of wood with this chic abstract tub.
TIP: Get creative and design a Rustic Chic space with a fireplace!  



This white canvassed bathroom is crisp and sleek. Accented with white accessories, minimal greenery, and refined linear wooden planks which harmoniously contribute to a Rustic Chic vibe. 

TIP: White walls make smaller bathrooms appear larger, add elements of wood and greenery for balance in a Rustic Chic space.    


This simple Rustic Chic was bathroom was achieved using sandstone, and refined slate.  Excellent for durability as well as for cleaning. 
TIP: Step out of the box when choosing hardware, to brighten up this look brass hardware was used.  


Rustic Chic meets luxury from the  stand-up shower jets to the exquisite natural stone textured tiles.   
TIP:  Instantly transform your space by replacing your shower with wood tiles!  



This organic shaped stainless steel sink, paired with aged wood countertop, amazing crescent-shapedmirror, textured, backsplash and modern flooring bringing this Rustic Chic bathroom to life.  
TIP: wood + brick + stainless steel To add a sense of vibrancy with fusing textures add some greenery as balance.  
This Rustic Chic vanity accented with genuine stone sink is ideal for outdoor living.  This sink will revolutionize your outdoor oasis!
TIP: Use white towels to achieve a modern, clean and crisp feel.  
If you are looking for a statement piece to spruce up that cottage bathroom look no further!  This Rustic Chic Tree Pedestal Sink was cleverly created and eloquently constructed.  The fusion of the wood plane walls, and different textures all help to achieve this unique look.  
TIP:  When using different tones and textures of wood, don’t be afraid to mix and match stains and grains.  Wood on wood is where it's at! 
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