Rustic is The New Chic

N A M A S T E,

Are you ready to feed your décor obsession?  Tired of the same old decor perspectives? Looking for a new passionate place to be inspired?  Join me as we CarpeDiem and live fearlessly! Today's blog will be focused on a theme of mixing the rustic elements with modern simplicity to create a Rustic Chic look.  

What is Rustic Chic? 

A Rustic Chic space provides a balance between elements of the design spectrum, including rough textures, naturalistic tones, contemporary lines, and shapes that harmonize to create such decadent looks. The Rustic Chic interior decor creates an elegant ambiance and comfortable balance. 

 Ski Cabin designed by architects Pearson Design Group with interiors by Wick Design.

I FELL IN LOVE with the low maintenance and practical option of Rustic Chic living when I stayed at an open concept LOFT in Manhattan.  The lofts Rustic Chic style was centered around the dining table: a park bench with aged cedar planks.   It was not your traditional dining table for such a space, but it worked perfectly and fit everyone, and was easy to clean up.  Then it dawned on me thinking about the countless hours I have wasted wiping tempered glass tables.  I would rather spend my time doing something more pleasurable, wouldn't you?  Like doing meditation, or accelerating closer to your dreams?  Life is too short to spend time doing nothing but what you love.  Goodbye glass table, stay here in 2017.  Hello, Rustic Chic park bench.  


Adding the rustic element to any room is a great way to add a functional, practical touch. You can mix existing items with modern décor making this a cost-efficient and eco-friendly look to achieve.  The quality of rustic items and duration of pieces offer impeccable longevity and are often affordable and can also be purchased at vintage and thrift stores. 


Accessories Please?

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