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Welcome to 2018, I know it's been treating you graciously!  It's going to be an astounding year, I can feel it!  Looking back as a child, I recall watching the magically inspiring movie, (that of which my dad despised lol ), and one of my favorites was Aladdin with this wonderful Genie that granted the greatest wishes.  His magic carpet that would be his Porsche soaring!  I would use my imagination to bring life to any old carpet as if it were a magical vessel transporting me from point A to B!  My love for magical carpets became real.  
 Why are rugs unequivocally required when it comes to decor? 
"  I feel rugs are an important element of decor needed for most spaces.  Rugs add personality to the given space, and can also be heart/focal point uniting the elements embodiying life and emotion.  Rugs can instantly transform a bland space with a pop of color, texture and balance when utilized efficiently.    Below I have compiled a few of my favorite ULTRA VIOLET INSPIRED RUGS that you can simply add to you space for an instant transformation.  



Dyed Brazilian Cowhide Purple Area Rug
Plainsboro Handmade Purple Cowhide Area Rug

My favorite rug as I love and crave the texture of a good Cow Hyde Rug. 

TIP:  When using these cow hyde rugs, consider layering them on a white canvas, with heavy metallic accessories!  


Darcia Pink/Purple Area Rug
Randhir Pink/Purple Area Rug

Radhir Pink/Purple Area Rug


These Parisian inspired motif rugs are great, instantly adding that boho chic look. 

TIP: Use this rug to add a pop of color, and add a relaxed mood to any space.  
Chang Purple Area Rug
Mott Street Modern Geometric Carved Gray/Purple Area Rug
Rita Hand-Tufted Purple Area Rug

Rita Hand-Tufted Purple 



Carlberg Hand Tufted Wool Ivory Purple Area Rug 

Lof Area Rug 

These rugs are super soft comfy pile high geometric inspired adding an abstract contrast to ideal for any modern contemporary space. 

TIP: Use these rugs to accent simple colors like grey, cool purples, and whites. 

Varnai Light Gray/Purple Area Rug
Candelaria Abstract Medium Gray/Dark Purple Area Rug 
Tieast Handmade Purple Area Rug
Mchaney Hand-Tufted Purple Area Rug
These hand tufted rugs are stylish as well as great for hanging out and letting loose. 
TIP:  A great way to warm up any room, just adds some texture and color with a rug!  
Victoria Purple/Red Area Rug
These abstract rugs have a wonderful mirage of violets and crimsons, with hues of turquoise, blues, and golden tones.  You don't just have to feel confined to purple!
TIP: When considering to add such a busy rug to any space try to keep the furniture tone light, or bold to compliment the rug.  
All of the above rugs are CarpeDiemArtt Approved!  Thanks for joining and please, comment and subscribe to the page for more decor and lifestyle inspo, as well as your daily dose of positive vibes, click affirmations!! 

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