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Wishing you a happy spring loves, are you doing any spring cleaning or renos like me?  I love to paint and strongly believe a fresh coat of paint can transform any space.  Doing my usual home renovations this spring I wanted to do something out of the box and was torn between applying wallpaper or paint on my accent wall in my dining room.  Check out some ideas that inspired me to love wall paper by clicking here.  I thought I had it all figured out until one of my contactors friends recently introduced me to this beautiful textured paint called Venetian Silk created by Dulux.  

What is Venetian Silk? 

Venetian Silk is a paint finish that creates a smooth, luminous, textured apperance.  It's applied in a two step process which includes a base colouded coat, then followed by two thin top coats of the Venetian Silk to create this wonderful artistic finish.  

 The beauty of this wonderful paint finish resides in the application of the second coat.  Using a plastic roll applicator you can apply the top coats in a single direction to obtain a smoother, more even finish.  When the top coat is applied in opposite directions, a texture is created that accentuates the light manipulating properties of the finish. 

Venetian Silk is available in over 40 different shades and create the unique look you desire.  

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Hope you enjoyed this blog post! We would love to hear about your Spring time renovation projects feel free to comment down below or contact us.  
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