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Welcome back my interior decor loves!  Today I am going to be talking about the history and benefits of wallpaper!  Wallpaper is a beautiful way to help bring personality to any space and has much evolved since papers first presentation as the papyrus in the Ancient Egyptian Culture emerged in 4000BC. The word paper was derived from the word papyrus, which means "the paper plant, or paper created from it."  Here are a few images of some Egyptian Papyrus.   

4,500 year old papyri discovered on the Red Sea coast include details of the arrangements for getting bread and beer to the ancient port workers.

This image via the Daily Mail dates back almost 4500 years ago from the Fourth Dynasty.  

Maiherpri Papyrus, Book of the Dead, from unplundered tomb in Valley of the Kings, Maiherpri was a noble, Black Pharaohs, Nubians, Egypt, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

This image taken by KlGarrett is from the book of the dead from Ancient Egypt.  

Benefits of Using Wallpaper

Spectacular, if it actually looks that beautiful. Love the sofa, too! || Venetian Floral Mural by Graham & Brown

Image: Graham & Brown

-Wallpaper, unlike paint, is a more extravagant way of depicting the style of a room and also enhances the mood.  

Fotobehang / Digital Wallpaper collection Dutch Masters by Katarina Stupavska - BN

Image: BN Home
-Wallpaper is available in multiple prints, textures, styles and can also be custom created as it allows you to originally express your style. 

Vintage decoratie met flamingo's

Image: Studio Pia : Salon Residence Singer Lauren 
-The use of wallpaper is great for renters who are unable to paint the walls, as technological advancements allow for a sleek and seamless application and removal.  

Salon Residence in Laren - Interior Design by Monique en Jan des Bouvrie - foto Monique Tieleman #interiordesign #interiorstyling #eclectic #wallpaper #wallcovering #patterns #textile

Image: Monique en Jans des Bouvire 

-Wallpaper is art, so instead of using art to accentuate your space wallpaper is a great option.  

Type of Wallpapers

Is a cotton blend, textured wallpaper created in 1887.   Available in multiple colors, and a wide range of designs. 

Pin 4. What stunning Embossed wallpaper here next to the gold plated frame. This still can be used in any room as well as colours.

Image: Rockett St. George
painted embossed wallpaper via Inge Zelewitz on pinterest
Image: Inge Zelewitz


Great to a luxurious element to any space, as it also imitates velvet.   They offer 3D quality that provides texture, and elegance and is also a great way to absorb sound.  

Kinky Vintage: Naughty Noir from www.grahambrown.com Jesus $155/roll aye yi yi I WANT IT

Skulls Wallpaper, grahambrown.ca $155 a roll

Images: Graham and Brown
This style wallpaper is ideal for high traffic areas as it easy to maintain.  Great for areas such as kitchens, and bathrooms and offers vapor and water-resistant qualities.  Vinyl wallpaper is affordable, durable, and available in multiple colors and patterns.  

Black and White Stone Texture World Map - Large Wall Mural, Self-adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper, Peel & Stick fabric wall decal

Image: Esty


Fancy - Down the Rabbit Hole Wallpaper

Image: Fancy.com
This wallpaper is like a sticker and comes already with adhesive attached to the back, it's durable and also washable like Vinyl.  It's available in multiple patterns and can be used for many areas of decor.  
Image:  Ebay France

Vlies Fototapete 350x245 cm - 3 Farben zur Auswahl - Top ... https://www.amazon.de/dp/B016MU3RSS/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_M0.HxbBSYE07Q

Image: Amazon Mural 
Thanks for joining me today I hope enjoy loves and don't forget to subscribe and shop more couture will be availble by next week!
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