N A M A S T E 

Have you noticed the energy you feel when you walk into a well-decorated space? I certainly have and simply love the vibe of going in a room represented by elements of the earth with beautiful art, texture, and intricate décor pieces.  I strongly believe there is a direct correlation between how you feel and the space you inhabit.   Going into 2018 keep in mind a foundation for a healthy life is  BALANCE.  How will you achieve this in the areas of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual balance? The same principle applies when creating the perfect space, it needs to be balanced.  
The focus of this blog will be on achieving a  F L O R A L  O A S I S.  What's a FLORAL OASIS you may ask?  Take a look at these images and scroll down to find out! 

What  is  a  Floral  Oasis?   

A Floral Oasis can be described as a space in which floral elements such a flowers, floral patterns, floral art, (you get the drift) become the focal point of the room.  This is an ideal theme to create a calm, soothing space that brings the serenity of nature indoors. 

The beauty represented in nature is endless, just using floral elements as a theme is merely an example of a piece of Heaven God has allowed us to experience here on earth.   


Want to know more? This was just the tip of the iceberg, stay tuned for about how FLORAL OASIS in different spaces.  Thank you and subscribe !


Love, Dani


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