Your Passion Is Your Purpose


Welcome loves to CarpeDiemArtt! Today's blog post will be centred around living not only your best life but living a life with purpose. On my personal journey, it took me a very long time to figure out what God has put on earth to do. I know that deep down in my heart that God wanted me to have a fulfilling life that was centred around him. God wants you to thrive in your life too! Here are a few things that you can do to help you find your purpose and to live a life filled with passion!

Seek God

I can't continue to tell you the difference that strengthening my relationship with God has made in my life! As God spoke to my heart, I began to search for his voice in my life continuously. I would not only begin to read the bible on a regular basis but I would worship him and focus on his goodness daily. In the world filled with apps try to download a daily devotional, like the Daily Bread engaging and committing to it daily. You can always seek God throughout the day but I find that starting my day off with him and showing gratitude and affirming my day works best! I loved doing this so much that I even began to create my own daily affirmations with scripture verses... click here to see now.

Keep a Journal

I have many journals and books to help keep me organised as well as to declutter the mind. I believe that one journal is not enough and recommend that you have a compilation of three minimum. To me, there is no better feeling that writing things down! 1. Keep a journal in agenda style that allows you to plan out your year, months, weeks, and daily agenda. Being accountable for your time will help you use it wisely. 2. Keep a gratitude journal that simply allows you to record three things daily that you are thankful for. You don't have to make it very in depth and can choose to log in bullet form. 3. Keep a personal journal that helps you to detox your mind, and express yourself. This journal can be used for anything that you want

Do What You Love Daily

If you work a job just for a pay cheque that's cool we all have bills no doubt. It's always important to do something you love for yourself daily. But you only have one life and you were put on earth with talents and qualities unique to you, so do what you love and seize every moment. If you are unsure about what you love think back to what mesmerised you as a child. The things we loved to do as children are often the things in life that we are passionate about. As a child, I enjoyed rearranging my room weekly, as well as writing racing novels about love and relationships. It wasn't until I was older that I realised that being creative was a passion that I hadn't tapped into.


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